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The Midwest Institute for International/Intercultural Education(MIIIE) is a self-funded consortium of two-year colleges located in the Midwest region. Its primary objective is to support curriculum and professional development by organizing curriculum workshops, fall and spring conferences, overseas projects for faculty and students, assistance with grant development, provide faculty mentoring and professional networking.

Midwest Institute for International/Intercultural Education - headlines.

  • Jul.29th 2021:
    Week-long curriculum workshops are planned in Kalamazoo, Michigan:
    Global Norms, Values, and Identity (August 9-13, 2021)
    Each workshop is limited to 15 faculty participants (Title VI funding).
    Each faculty will receive a $1,000 stipend for participation and development of a curriculum module.
    All lodging, meals, materials and programming will be provided.
    For an application and additional information, contact Theo Sypris (
  • Jul.29th 2021:
    The Midwest Institute in collaboration with the University of Michigan, Michigan State University, University of Washington, Indiana University, University of Illinois, University of Kansas, University of Pennsylvania, and University of Pittsburgh have a four-year project with matching funding from the U.S. Department of Education, Title VI program, starting fall 2019 thru 2025 to support nine colleges to organize CC Teams to undertake strategic plans of strengthening their international-intercultural programming.
    For more information contact Theo Sypris ( or 269-488-4283).
  • Jul.29th 2021:
    Starting in September 2022 thru May 2026, the Midwest Institute will offer two traveling exhibitions on "Climate Change and Flooding" and "Art by Syrian Refugees" primarily for colleges in our consortium. If scheduling allows, the exhibits will be offered to other educational institutions.
    The exhibit will include multimedia platforms and tools (videos, photos, panels, and websites).
    For an application to host an exhibit, contact Theo Sypris ( or 269-488-4283).
  • Jul.29th 2021:
    The Midwest Institute is offering a series of one-day virtual workshops, as follows:
    * Being Human in a Technologically-Driven World (Friday, October 23, 2020)
    * Social Solidarity in a World of Difference and Diversity (Saturday, October 24, 2020)
    * Education in the post-COVID World (Friday, January 29, 2021)
    * Citizenship in the 21st Century (Saturday, February 27, 2021)
    * Surveillance, Privacy, and Dissent in a Globalizing World (Friday, March 26, 2021)
    * Africa in the 21st century (Friday, May 14, 2021)
    * Asia Rising: Domestic and Global Consequences (Friday, May 28, 2021)
    For more information, contact Theo Sypris at
  • Jul.29th 2021:
    26th annual virtual CONFERENCE
    Friday-Saturday, November 5-6, 2021

    •How to Develop a Global/International Studies Program
    •Organizing Study Abroad programs
    •Pedagogy and Approaches to Global Education
    •Human Migrations and Global Networks
    •Global Competition, Cooperation, or Conflict Issues in Courses
    •Infusing Environmental Issues in Courses
    •Curriculum Infusion on Global Sustainability
    •Global Trade and Finance Issues
    •Curriculum Modules on Africa or Asia for Survey Courses
    •Overseas Opportunities for Faculty and/or Students
    •Languages and Intercultural Communication
    •Global Poverty and Inequality
    •Global Healthcare and Education
    •Internationalization of Vocational-Technical programs
    •Global Norms, Values, and Human Rights
    •Electronic Resources for Global Education
    •International Students and Two-Year Colleges
    •Global Competencies
    •Business and Industry Partnerships for Global Projects
    •Global Modules on Food, Water, and Energy Issues
    •Collaboration with International Centers of Universities
    •Global Stewardship and Sustainability Projects
    •Reports on CC Team Projects