Title For Instructor Course No.
Introduction to International Literacy Skills for Introduction to International Business John Rybski BUS200.JR
Administrative Procedures Within a Global Environment Administrative Office Procedures -SEC 100 Mary J. Green BUS100.MG
International Trade and Finance Business 298 Paul R. Callahan BUS298.PC
International Business Letters Business Communications (BUS 206) Marilee Knapp BUS206.MK
Internationalizing Business Computer Applications Business Computer Applications-BUS 103 Fran Kubicek BUS103.FK
Comparative Dispute Resolution Systems Business Law (102-150) Katherine Duren BUS150.KD
International Demensions of Business Business Law I (BUS 201) Jane Compbell BUS201.JC
International Consumer Behavior Patterns Consumer Behavior Patterns (BUSN 257) marilee Knapp BUS257.MK
Southern Africa: The struggle for economic development International Development (BUS 200) Tom Schurino BUS200.TS
Tapping the International Market Introduction to Business (102-106) Daniel Wilson BUS106.DW
NonVerbal Communication Skills Needed by Americans Doing Business Abroad Introduction to Business (61:20) George Johnson BUS020.GJ
Doing Business in China Introduction to Business (BUS 101) Kathleen Lorencz BUS101.KL
The European Community Introduction to Business (BUS 110) Nancy Evans BUS110.NE
Introducing Free-Market Concepts in Non-Capitalist Economies through Privitization Options Introduction to Business Issues (BUS 151) Chris Petras BUS151.CP
Global Perspective for Business Introduction to Business, BAM 100 Larry E. Hass BUS100.LH
Global Economy and Middle Eastern Countries (MECS) Introduction to Business- BUS 101 Hossein Kamarei BUS101.HK
Cooperation, Conflict, and Dispute Resolution in a Global Economy INTRODUCTION TO BUSINESS- BUS 101 Jackson Williams BUS101.JW
The administrative assistant's role in preparing his/her employer for international travel Office Procedures I (OSA 231) Anna L. Hudelson BUS231.AH
The Impact of Global Issues on the Culture of Business Organizational Behavior BUS 207 Frances Kubicek BUS207.FK
Systems Analysis in a Global Environment Systems Analysis & Design I Kris Coan BUS201.KC