Title For Instructor Course No.
A Thematic Approach to Internationalizing English II English II (31:20) P. J. Colbert ENG020.PC
Intensive ESL Composition 5, EF026D From Fairy-Tales to Academic Research: The Process of Developing Critical Thinking Skills to Write Globally Relevant Research Papers Gloria May ENG026.GM
Academic English I for Non-Native Speakers (ENG 050) Paradise of the Blind: Modern Vietnamese Society Through Literature Keith Hulsey ENG050.KH
English 060 -Academic English for ESL Speakers Understanding Haiti: An introduction to Haitian Studies Grace Liu ENG060.GL
Infusion of Population Issues English (ENG 098) Jerrie Fiala ENG098.JF
College Writing I - ENG 110 From Kalamazoo to Kenya BART SEELYE ENG100.BS
READ 100 College Reading Threats to Humanity Ronald L. Taylor ENG100.RT
ENGLISH 101 A Multicultural Experience Archana (Anna) Maheshwari ENG101.AM
10:101 English 1 and 10:102 English 2 Focus Australia and New Zealand Research Papers Michelle Ramthun ENG101.MR
Global Concerns in Developmental Writing Course Developing Effective Communicative Skills (T 101) Shirley Lunsford ENG101.SL
ENG 102 Ideas and Values in Literature A Literary Indian Perspective A. Mildred Treis ENG102.MT
Composition, Literature, Research ENG102 Literature of Africa: From the Classic to Contemporary Susanna Defever and James Neese ENG102.SD
Introduction to American Literature - ENG 103 & 104 American Literature: International Emphasis Ronald Farquhar ENG103.RF
Cultural Influences on International Communication Business Writing (ENG 106) Steve Herald ENG106.SH
Elements of Writing International CC110T Events from Home: Stories and Customs in the World Arena Catherine Schaff-Stump ENG110.CS
Ourselves Among Others College Composition I (ENG 110) David Tower ENG110.DT
College Writing I - ENG 110 The Global Village Jan Aslanian ENG110.JA
English 110 Minority Voices in Literature Julie Gillis Lanclos ENG110.JL
Point of View College Writing I (ENG 110 Patricia Cherpas ENG110.PC
English Composition 110 Introducing, Transnational Women's Issues Into a Multicultural Composition and Literature Course Susan E. Kincaid ENG110.SK
How did Kuwait get to be Kuwait and other World Mysteries College Study Skills and Text Reading (CSS 110) Terri Bruce and Elizabeth Neumeyer ENG110.TB
College Writing II: English 111 Lotus Blossoms: Asian Assimilation and Literary Influence Jane E. Geschwendt ENG111.JG
Writing Across the World in Agricultural Technologies Communication Skills (T 111) Linda Houston ENG111.LH
Introduction to Literature - ENG 111 Contemporary Native American Indian Poetry: The European Alteration of a Culture Rick Jones ENG111.RJ
College Writing II - ENG 111 Comparative Literature Analysis Ronald Miazga ENG111.RM
College Writing II - ENG 111 Study and Report on Modern World Literature within its Political-Social-Economic-Culture Context William Lay ENG111.WL
International Business Writing Business Communication (ENG 112) Robert Haight ENG112.RH
Local Cultures - Global Issues English Composition II (ENG 112) Roslyn Weedman ENG112.RW
Introduction to Literature (10:113 & 10:115) Introduction to Literature (10:113 & 10:115) Kendall S. Natvig ENG113.KN
Becoming Americans: Robert Olen Butler's Vietnamese Immigrants College Composition II (ENG 132) Edward Demerly ENG132.ED
College Composition II--ENG 132 Nativism and International Dimensions in American Literature Michael Daher ENG132.MD
English I (ENGL1613) India Without Borders Penelope Stickney ENG161.PS
Short Stories - ENG 219 Creative Writing as Resistance to Human Rights; Violations in International Fiction Denise Miller ENG219.DM
American Literature Survey II-English 2270 Immigration, Nativism, and American Culture, 1900-1930 Lawrence Needham ENG227.LN
Children's Literature - ENG 242 Multicultural and International Aspects of Children's Literature Raelyn Agustin Joyce ENG242.RJ
Introduction to Literature (ENG 250) David Henry Hwang’s M. Butterfly: Teaching Chinese history and Gender Issues via American Literature Laurie Hughes ENG250.LH
World Literature I - ENG 251 African, Asian, and Middle-Eastern Literature: Beginnings to 18th Century Kenneth Seib ENG251.KS
World Literature II -- ENG 252 African, Asian, and Middle-Eastern Literature: 18th Century to Present Kenneth Seib ENG252.KS
Introduction to the Novel - ENG 261 Introduction to Chinua Achebe's Things Fall Apart Ludger Brinker ENG261.LB
Survey of Children's Literature (ENG 267) Folktale, Fable, Myth, and Legend: Reflections of Vietnam Marilyn J. Valentino ENG267.MV
Literature in Translation - SPAN 277 Twentieth Century Latin American Fiction Nancy Hessert ENG277.NH
Minority Voices in Literature: A Cross-Cultural Perspective--Asian American Literature - ENG 278 Depictions of Asian Immigration, History and Cultures in Asian-American Literature Lisa Abshear-Seale ENG278.LS