Title For Instructor Course No.
Cultural Diversity and Health Care Practices Integrative Therapies for Holistic Health - MCH 4817 Patricia A. Morganroth HEA481.PM
Introduction to Health Care (MCH 4001) Global Health Issues Nancy Walters HEA400.NW
Cross-Cultural Health Care Personal Vocational Issues (510-328) Helen Smits HEA328.HS
Global Methods of Health Care Health and Health Care (510-301) Suzann Balduzzi HEA301.SB
Cross-cultural Health Care Perspectives Health and Health Care (510-301) Margaret Napoli HEA301.MN
Allied Health and Nursing/Surgical Technology Health Care in Developing Nations Patricia K. Sedlak HEA250.PS
Cultural Diversity in Nursing Trends in Nursing (NUR 250) Eileen Kaslatas & Marilyn Siekierzynski HEA250.EK
Delivering Culturally Diversified Care Patient Care Management (NRG 241 & 242) Carol Roe and Diana Multer HEA241.CR
Mental Health Nursing Theory - NRG 211 Culture and Person Centered Care Helen Palleschi HEA221.HP
Ethical Issues from a Worldwide Viewpoint Transitions in Nursing II (NUR 215) Carolyn Cooper HEA215.CC
Culture and Person-Centered Care Mental Health Nursing (NRG 211 & 212) Helen Palleschi HEA211.HP
Nursing Across the Life Span (PNU 200) Developing cultural competence in nursing care of the childbearing family Miranda Best HEA200.MB
Culture Diversity in Nursing Care Nursing Perspectives (193) Norma Lestikow HEA193.NL
Cultural health beliefs affecting compliance and/or noncompliance of clients Transcultural Nursing (NURS 150) Barbara Merhley HEA150.BM
Transcultural Nursing, NUR-150 Cultural health beliefs affecting compliance and/or noncompliance of clients Barbara Merhley HEA150.BM
Intermediate Polysomnography- I, RESP 1421 Implications of Cultural Diversity Within the Field of Diagnostic Sleep Medicine Ellen P. Martin HEA142.EM
Multicultural Aspects of Nutrition Nursing Process I (510-141) Pat Reichenbacher HEA141.PR
Celebrating Culture in the Nursing Home Adaptation to Health (510-136) Barbara Lawson HEA136.BL
A Global view: Feeding the world Nutrition-Wellness WPE 120 Carol Campsmith HEA120.CC
Nursing 117 Nursing Assessment and Clinical Reasoning Cultural Assessment Marilyn Martis HEA117.MM
Medical - Surgical Nursing NUR 112 Developing Cultural Competence Janell Lederman HEA112.JL
Introduction to Nursing (510-110) & Cultural Diversity in Health Care (510-143) Multicultural Studies in Health Care Susan C. Johnston HEA110.SJ
Cultural Aspects of Death, Dying and Spiritual Beliefs and Practices Nursing Dynamics (NT 102) Marianne Weiss HEA102.MW
Applying International Medical Research to Anatomy and Physiology The Human Organism (HC 100) Donald Allen HEA100.DA