Title For Instructor Course No.
Literature of Africa: From the Classics to Contemporary Composition, Literature, Research (ENG 102) Susanna Defever & James Neese LIT102.SD
American Literature: International Emphasis Introduction to American Literature I & II (ENG 103 & 104) Ronald Farquhar LIT103.RF
Minority Voices in Literature English (110) Julie Gillis-Lanclos LIT110.JL
Contemporary Native American Indian Poetry: The European Alteration of a Culture Introduction to Literature (ENG 111) Richard Jones LIT111.RJ
Comparative Literature College Writing II (ENG 111) Ronald Miazga LIT111.RM
Study and Report on Modern World Literature College Writing II (ENG 111) William Lay LIT111.WL
Nativist and International Dimensions in American Literature College Composition II (ENG 132) Michael Daher LIT132.MD
Multicultural & International Aspects of Children's Literature Children's Literature (ENG 242) Raelyn Joyce LIT242.RJ
African, Asian, and Middle-Eastern Literature: 18th to Present World Literature II (ENG 252) Kenneth Sieb LIT251.KS
Comparative Analysis of Western Literature World Literature I (ENG 251) Kenneth Seib LIT252.KS
Introduction to Chinua Achebe's "Things Fall Apart" Introduction to the Novel (ENG 261) Ludger Brinker LIT261.LB
Twentieth Century Latin American Fiction Spanish Literature in Translation (SPA 277) Nancy Hessert LIT277.NH
Depictions of Asian Immigration, History and Cultures in Asian-American Literature Minority Voices in Literature (ENG 278) Lisa Abshear-Seale LIT278.LS