Title For Instructor Course No.
Introduction to Global Studies, PSI 1003 A Comparative Approach to Teaching Human Rights in Latin America Amanda Bigelow PSI100.AB
Create a Nation, Inc. Introduction to Political Science (PSI 100) John Beck PSI100.JB
A Comparative Analysis of Cultural Development Introduction to Political Science (PSI 100) The Late Thomas Oberlink PSI100.TO
American Government (PSI 101) Cooperation, Conflict, and Dispute Resolution in a Global Economy Jackson Williams PSI101.JW
The Origin and Ending of the Cold War: Its Impact on Czechoslovakia American Government (PSI 101) Timothy Farrow PSI101.TF
Comparative Institutional Analysis American Government (PSI 102) Laurel Moyer PSI102.LM
Introduction to International Relations - POLS 1350 The United Nations: Opportunities and Limitations in an Age of Globalization Christopher Skubby PSI135.CS
American Government (Poli 150) A Cross-National Comparison of Terrorism’s Impact on Civil Liberties Charles Hantz PSI150.CH
Globalization and Civil Societies- PSI 150 Globalization and Civil Societies Siamak Salehi PSI150.SS
Introduction to Political Science - POLSC 151 Middle East Research and Peace Summit Simulation Joanna L. Briganti PSI151.JB1
Introduction to Political Science (POLSC 151) Comparative Electoral Systems in Three African Countries and the United States Joanna L. Briganti PSI151.JB2
Cross-National Constitutional Rights Contemporary American Society (809-196) Peggy Gross PSI196.PG
Comparative Government Vietnam: A Case-Study Keith St. Clair PSI201.KS
American Foreign Policy Formulation: From the Containment Era to the "New World Order" American National Government (809-221) Albert Rozas PSI221.AR
International Politics 275 National Security and Military Defense: China Angela S. Burger PSI275.AB