Title For Instructor Course No.
Cultural Universality and Relativity in Psychopathology Abnormal Psychology (PY 38) Robert Moore PSY038.RM
Psychiatric Practices in China, 1948 to Present Introductory Psychology (PSY 150) Stephen Louisell PSY150.SEL
Introductory Psychology - PSY 150 Psychiatric Practices in the People's Republic of China, 1948 to Present Stephen E. Louisell PSY150.SL1
Introductory Psychology - PSY 150 Childhood Emotional and Physical Development in a War-Torn Society: The Case of Angola. Stephen Louisell PSY150.SL2
Human Relations (PSY 153) Understanding of human relations as it affects international business. Barbara Weiskopf PSY153.BW
Cross-Cultural Child Development Issues Child Psychology (PSY 162) Colleen Gift PSY162.CG
General Psychology PSY 201 Cross Cultural Comparisons in the psychology of human development Sherri DeBoef Chandler PSY201.SC
Local Cultures - Global Issues Principles of Psychology (PSY 211) Jennifer Rees PSY211.JR
Psychology of Gender (PSY 216) Psychology of Gender (PSY 216) Vicki Ritts PSY216.VR
Multicultural Perspectives of Gender-Roles and Behaviors Developmental Psychology (PSY 220) Developmental Psychology (PSY 220) PSY220.GB
Psychology of Adjustment (PSY 230) Vietnam: A Study in Cultural Adjustment Lesley L. Lambright PSY230.LL
Global Psychology Introduction to Psychology (PSY 251) Nan White PSY251.NW
Social Psychology (PSY 260) Global Infusion Lesley L. Lambright PSY260.LL
Cross-Cultural Psychology (PSY297) & General Psychology (122) Motivation across the globe Shuk-Chong (Estella) Thomas PSY297.ST