Title For Instructor Course No.
Cultural Diversity in a Changing World Principles of Sociology (SOC 101) Dennis Choate SOC101.DC
Evolution of Science, Technology and Society. A Liberal Arts and Sciences Capstone Course Comparative Explanations of Evolution Dona C. Fletcher SOC101.DF
The World through the Sociological Lens Introduction to Sociology (SOC 102) Richard Phillips SOC102.RP
Introduction to Rural Sociology (General Social Science R105) Global Stratification: Incorporating an international worldview approach to studying society’s basics. Gaetano Guzzo SOC105.GG
How World View Influences Decision-Making Decision Making (801-109) Lucy Harvey SOC109.LH
African-American Studies (AFR 112) Community and Leadership Development in Southern Africa. Boikai S. Twe SOC112.BT
Introduction to Anthropology-ANT 121 S Globalization: Political and Economic Linkages Between Indigenous, Developing, and Industrialized Societies Katherine Clifton SOC121.KC
Multicultural Aspects: Implications for Health Care Death and Dying (HEAL 131) James Gardiner SOC131.JG
Comparing Cultures, Sociology 145 Justice & Reconciliation Dona C. Fletcher SOC145.DF
Women in Islam Introduction to General Anthropology (ANT 152) Jean Livingston SOC152.JL
Introduction to Sociology (SOCI 160) Society Building in Southern Africa: Practical Lessons in the Evolution of Culture and Socialization Dorether Welch SOC160.DW
Ohio Amish and Ecuadorian Peasants: Two Contemporary Rural Societies Contemporary Rural Societies (T 166) George Kreps SOC166.GK
An International Perspective of Human Relations in the Workplace Human Relations in Organizations (SOC 169) Nancy McDaniel SOC169.NM
Drinking Patterns in Cultural Context Sociology (171) Kim Goudreau SOC171.KG
Introduction to Sociology (809-196) Institutional Challenges in Southern Africa Jill Stiemsma SOC196.JS
Social Problems (SOC 205) Exploring the HIV/AIDS Epidemic in Sub-Saharan Africa: Focus on Botswana, Swaziland, South Africa, and Uganda. Katherine R. Rowell SOC205.KR
Diversity in America: Majority Minority Group Relations - SO: 216T Issues of Global Cooperation and Conflict Ruben J. Carrion SOC216.RC
Social Structure of China Introduction to Sociology (SOC 251) Ann O'Grady SOC251.AO
Human Behavior in the Social Environment Violence Against Women and Children: Beyond a Family Affair Jennifer Kukis SOC252.JK
Cultural Anthropology (Arch 280) Topics in Cultural Anthropology of Sub-Saharan Africa Marishka Wile SOC280.MW