Itinerary of Fulbright GPA to Armenia-Georgia
June 4-July 3, 2008

Day of


Day of week


Afternoon/ Evening

Day 1


Wednesday June 4


Leave from major USA airport (e.g., Detroit, Chicago, New York)

Day 2


June 5

Arrive at intermediate European city

·   1 day visit (Vienna, Amsterdam, Munich- depending on where the layover occurs)

Day 3


June 6

·   Arrive approximately 4:00 AM in capital city of Tbilisi

·   Greeted by Pavle Tvaliashvili  and tour company.

·   Brief bus tour of Tbilisi (freedom square, Statue of Kartlis deda, Sioni Cathedral, Mktvari church, Statue of King Vakhtang Gorgasali, Narikale Fortress, Sameba cathedral, the Abanotubani (Bath houses), Philharmonic, Rustaveli theater, Opera house, Old town, etc. 

·   7:00 a.m. Arrive at hotel, check in and rest 

12:00 lunch at Khachapuri restorani in Vake.  

·   1:00 Trip to bank for money exchange.

·   Tour of Georgian Museum of Fine Arts

·   5:30 Dinner at Khinkali Restorani (Khinklis Sakhli )


·   Retire for evening

Day 4


June 7

·   Breakfast at café in Vake

·   Visit Winery in Sarajevo 

·   Lunch in Sagarajo

·   Shopping on Rustaveli avenue

·   Stop at Prosperos Bookstore for coffee

·   Visit to Theatre or Philharmica

Day 5


June 8

·   Free morning

·   Lunch on own

·   Tour of Tbilisi State Historic-Ethnographical Museum

·   Dinner at nice restaurant

Day 6


June 9

·   Visit United States Embassy

·   Tour facility and meet key embassy staff. Discussion of embassy roles and functions. 

·   Meet embassy representatives and have discussion of Georgian issues related to separatist regions (South Ossetia and Abkhazia), IDP status, relations with Russia, prospects for integration into EU and NATO, WTO and Russia, Georgian and U.S. relations.    Also discussions of human Trafficking, Prison reform, and Corruption

·   Walk to old town and have lunch

·   Tour of Tbilisi with Nana Japaridze and Spouse. 

·   Visit Sameba Cathedral

·   Visit Narikale Fortress and Kartlis Deda  

Day 7


June 10

·   Visit Tbilisi State University.

·   Tour campus & history of institution, over view of faculties ands branches. Importance to country.

·   Discussion of 2004 Georgian “New Law on Higher Education”.

·   Reforms at TSU since March 2005

·   Meet with Ivane Javakhishvili of the TBS Center for Social Sciences regarding educational reform and the new Integrated masters program in the Social Sciences. Also discussion into Estonian Project “Integration of Georgian, Moldavian and Ukrainian Universities into Transition Studies Network.

·   Lunch at famous Taglaura Restaurant near Georgia Technical University. 



·   Visit Georgian Technical University

·   Visit with Alexander Lomaia, Minister of Education. 

·   Overview of education in Georgia by Rector of Georgian Technical University and Lali Ghogheliani, Faculty of Civil Engineering at GTU. 

·   Lecture on the state of public primary and secondary schools in Georgia.

·    Discussion of school safety and lecture on “Safe school” program and what help will available for students who are sent to alternative schools. Expansion from pilot program to full implementation by Berika Shukakidze

·   CCID (Community Colleges for International Development) initiative to pilot a CC in Gori

·   Georgia participation in the Bologna process

·   ENIC-NARIC (Dr. Irakli Machabeli – Head of Georgian ENIC)

Day 8


June 11

·   Visit Private Highschool operated by Butsiko Chkhartishvili

·   Visit Tbilisi Public school #55 with U.S. Embassy Public Affairs Officer Rowena Cross Najafi and Cultural Affairs Assistant Magda Magradze.

·   Lunch

·   Visit Mtskheta, the original capital of Georgia and see 11th century Sveti-Tskhoveli Cathedral and 6th century Jari Church sitting on hill overlooking the confluence of the Aragvi and Mtkvari rivers. 

Day 9


June 12

·   Travel to Rustavi

·   Visit to Rustavi Pushkin school #12 to see children dance and perform.

·   Visit to Rustavi Town Museum hosted by curator Manana Khavatasi

·   Lunch



·   Visit to Ilia Chavchavadze State University. Meet Educational Administration faculty for discussion about best practices in teaching. Meet with Dean Tamar Talishvili and Rector Gigi Tevsadze. Hosted by doctoral student Pavle Tavaliashvili 

Day 10


June 13

·   Meet at Georgia State Medical U.

·   Healthcare in Georgia – Ia Zhania and sister  who is a physician. 

·   Dr. Mamuka Jibuti, MD, PHD Director of International Public Health Program. Speaking about public health issues in Georgia e.g. child and maternal health, access to health and dental care, STDs, family violence. 

·   Medical education, Tinatin Chikovani, M.D., PhD, Professor

·   Stomatology, Ketevan Gogilashvili, M.D., PhD – Dean

·   Lunch

·   Dr. Kartlos Kankadze, deputy chief of party at the USAID-sponsored Healthy Women in Georgia Program (HWIGP), contraception in Georgia.

·   Chairman – Giorgi, Tsereteli ,  Healthcare and Social Issues Committee of Parliament of Georgia. Public health issues facing Georgia

·   Dinner – Supra  with Ia Zhania, Butsiko Chkhartishvili,  Lali Ghogheliani and Nana Japaridze.

·   Evening with Ia Zhania and her father 

Day 11


June 14

·   Travel to Gori to Stalin Museum

·   Lunch

·   Visit with CCID contacts in Gori


·   Free

Day 12


June 15

·   Free to work on projects

·   Free to work on projects

Day 13


June 16

·   Tour of Old Tbilisi & Gorgasali Square

·   The religious diversity of Georgia: a guided tour

·   Armenian Church of Georgia

·   Sunni Mosque

·   Orbeliani Bath (Turkish) Synagogue

·   Lunch in Old Town

·   Guided tour continued

·   Street Shavteli

·   Carabanserai- History Museum

·   Si oni Cathedral (Orthodox Seminary)

·   Irakli II Square

·   Anoheskhati Church

Day 14


June 17

·   Lecture at TSU: NGOs in Georgia by Representative of ITIC Mr. Valeri Nanobashvili, Executive Director (International Telecommunications & Information Center)

·   Horizonti Foundation – Nino Saakashvili

·   Meet with representative of Georgian Young Lawyers Association

·   Lunch


·   Visit with Rusadan Khalichava of Atinati in Zugdidi

·   Visit with Natia Mzhavanadze of in Tbilisi

·   Visit  with Nana Doliashvili, Director of Tbilisi Youth House

·   Visit with Ia Verulashvili, Director of Woman’s Center and member Woman NGO’s Coalition of Georgia


Day 15


June 18

·   Travel to Davit Gareja Monestary

·   Lunch

·   Free and packing for Batumi

Day 16


June 19

·   Leave for Batumi on Black sea by van

·   Visit Borjomi  and see Likani Park and Leamington Spa.

·   Visit Borjomi – kharagauli National Park (one of the largest in Europe) 

·   Sack lunch on one of 9 trails

·   Arrive in Batumi on Black sea. 

·   Visit Batumi City park

Day 17


June 20

·   Tour Batumi and sea side. Walk through city park and beach front Promenade. Dine at sea side café and try Batumi style Turkish coffee. 

·   Visit Akhvlediani Adjara State Museum

·   Visit Gonio Fortress

Lecture on history and culture of Black sea civilizations


Day 18


June 21

Visit Batumi Botanical Gardens with Director Vano Papunidze  

Lunch on Adjaran khachapuri at Octopus Café

·   Enter Turkey at Sarpi

·   Visit Turkish Mosque

·   Leave for Tbilisi

Day 19


June 22


·   Leave for Armenia

·   Arrive in Armenia

·   Lunch in Yerevan

·   Visit American University of Armenia Lecture on Armenian history and culture

Day 20


June 23

·   Visit embassy of the United States in Armenia and hear discussion from Information Officer Liz Zentos regarding social and political issues facing Armenia. 

·   Visit Mkhitar Sebasti Educational Complex of Yerevan public schools

·   Lunch in Yerevan at Poplavok Café


·   Visit Yerevan State University Lecture: health and safety in modern Armenia- economic and social factors.

·   Visit Yerevan State College of Arts

·   Dinner at village with folk dancing, toasts, and typical Armenian food

Day 21


June 24

·   Visit European Regional Educational Academy and hear Lecture by Dr. Gayane Harutyunyan, Executive Director of ENIC – NARIC Armenia. 

·   Peace Corp Yerevan Office

·   UMCOR Armenia – Lecture and film about programs by Gagik Shahinian

·   Lunch

·   Lecture: Music and Art of Armenia

·   Identify small project

·   Opera House/ open air music (dependent upon opera house schedule)



Day 22


June 25

·   Breakfast at Nor Amberd research center (in Yerevan named after ancient town, Has church) 

·   Morning on Lake Sevan


More site seeing at Lake Sevan and surrounding area

Day 23


June 26

·         Visit Haghartsin Monastery built in 12th century near the town of Dilijan

·         Lunch

·   Visit city of Vanadzor, explore shops and cafes

·   Tour the UNESCO World Heritage Site Haghpat Monastery

Day 24


June 27

·   Visit NGO “Armenian Camp” for civil society development

·   Visit NGO “Future is Yours” 

·   Armenian History Lecture

·   Lunch

·   Walking guided tour of the city starting at Republic Square and Lenin Statues

Visit the Armenian Genocide Museum – Institute and view PBS documentary

Day 25


June 28

· Visit the Cafesjian Museum of Contemporary Art

·            Visit the Armenian Geological Museum

·            Lunch

·   Visit Pag Shuka covered market in downtown Yerevan

·   Visit Yerevan Brandy Company (YBC) largest in Armenia

Day 26


June 29

Free time


Free time

Day 27


June 30


·   Lecture at Armenian Church

·   Visit to Echmiadzin the holiest city in Armenia

·   Lunch

·   Free time to work on projects


Day 28


July 1

·   Visit 1st century Garni temple, Roman Bath house, Geghard Monastery and Khosrov Nature Reserve


·   Return to Yerevan for lunch


Day 29


July 2

·   Full day excursion to Gyumre to see 2nd largest city. Stop at Mt. Aragots and fortress of Amberd. See traditional village of Byurakan.

·   Lunch


·   Barbeque with Gagik and Anahit Gasparyan

Day 30


July 3

·    Return to USA