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The Midwest Institute for International/Intercultural Education(MIIIE) is a self-funded consortium of two-year colleges located in the Midwest region. Its primary objective is to support curriculum and professional development by organizing curriculum workshops, fall and spring conferences, overseas projects for faculty and students, assistance with grant development, provide faculty mentoring and professional networking.

Midwest Institute for International/Intercultural Education - headlines.

  • Dec.3rd 2013:
    Week-long curriculum workshops are planned in Kalamazoo, Michigan:
    Food, Water, and Quality of Life (Monday-Friday, August 4-8, 2014).
    Global Firms, Labor,and Development (Monday-Friday, August 11-15, 2014).
    East and Southeast Asia (Monday-Friday, August 18-22, 2014).
    Each workshop is limited to 15 faculty participants (Title VI funding).
    Each faculty will receive a $1,000 stipend for participation and development of a curriculum module.
    All lodging, meals, materials and programming will be provided.
    For an application and additional information, contact Theo Sypris.
  • Dec.3rd 2013:
    The Midwest Institute is planning to submit four Fulbright GPA projects to the U.S. Department of Education for five weeks in summer 2015 to: China, Czech Republic, India, Japan & S. Korea, and Vietnam.
    For each project, 15 faculty will be selected to participate in the overseas trip and undertake curriculum and professional development.
    For an application and project information, contact Theo Sypris.
  • Dec.3rd 2013:
    Starting in April 2011 thru December 2015, the Midwest Institute will offer a traveling exhibition on "The Evolution of Chinese Writing and Calligraphy" to colleges in our consortium. The exhibit includes 12 panels (6x3 feet) on the evolution of Chinese writing and 32 Calligraphy frames (24x32 inches) of various styles.
    For an application to host the China exhibit, contact Theo Sypris.
  • Dec.3rd 2013:
    Friday-Saturday, April 11-12, 2014
    at Columbus State CC, Columbus, Ohio

    Global Education at Columbus State CC
    How to Develop a Global Studies Program
    Organizing Study Abroad programs
    Developing International Services Programs
    Globalize the Curriculum with Digital Content
    Program Opportunities in China
    Infusing Environmental Issues in Core Courses
    Overseas Development Projects
    Curriculum Infusion on Middle East & Central Asia
    Global Trade and Finance Issues
    Global Exchanges and Interactions Networks
    International Peace and Conflict Resolution
    Languages and Intercultural Communication
    Global Poverty and Inequality
    Global Healthcare Projects and Issues
    Internationalization of Vocational-Technical programs
    Models and Approaches to International Degrees
    Electronic Resources and Global Education
    International Students and Two-Year Colleges
    Global Competences and Globalized Curriculum
    Global Business & Industry Partnerships on Global Projects
    Projects to Support Two-Yesr Colleges for Global Education
    Global Building Institution-Wide Capacity for Global Education
    Collaboration with International centers of Four-Year Universities
    Global Stewartship and Sustainability Projects
  • Dec.3rd 2013:
    The Midwest Institute is planning a multi-year project with vocational colleges in China, starting summer 2013.
    1) Share programming expertise on selected vocational programs.
    2) Curriculum development on selected vocational courses.
    3) Faculty and administrator exchanges.
    4) Degree + Certificate (2+1) for Chinese students.
    For more information contact Theo Sypris ( or 269-488-4283).