Info: (updated: April 11, 2014)


This consortium shall be known as, "MIDWEST INSTITUTE for INTERNATIONAL/INTERCULTURAL EDUCATION", herein termed for reference with acronym as MIIIE.


  1. To provide a center for training in curriculum and program development for international/intercultural education among two‑year colleges in the Midwest and surrounding regions.
  2. To organize an annual conference and regional workshops for the purpose of revising existing courses through infusion of international and/or intercultural content, or to develop new international/intercultural courses.
  3. To facilitate the sharing of curriculum resources and professional expertise among the faculty and administrators of the consortium.
  4. To serve as a clearinghouse and electronic hub regarding international/intercultural activities, information, and networking.
  5. To serve as a catalyst for collaborative international/intercultural projects, including but not limited to curriculum development and projects abroad.
  6. To solicit and gain access to resources from local, state, national, and international institutions that will support the objectives or enhance the mission of this consortium.
  7. To promote and emphasize the value and relevance of international/intercultural education and the study of foreign languages in our colleges and communities.
  8. MIIIE is organized exclusively for the purposes of education within the meaning of section 501-C-(3) of the IRS Code.


  1. Organize an annual conference on curriculum development in international/intercultural education.
  2. Organize workshops based on themes/issues, or geographical regions/countries.
  3. Disseminate international/intercultural information on available resources and events.
  4. Provide opportunities for collaborative projects for curriculum and professional development.
  5. Procure financial support from federal, state, and other public and private sources for international/intercultural programs of the MIIIE colleges.


  1. All USA two-year colleges are eligible for membership in MIIIE.
  2. The membership year shall be July 1 through June 30.
  3. Each member college will have one vote on matters presented to the Consortium.
  4. Each college will designate an institutional representative (i.e., college coordinator), but others may attend meetings and functions.


  1. Membership fees will be $300 per institution, per year.
  2. Changes in the dues structure must be approved by the simple majority of the MIIIE membership present at the annual meeting.


  1. The governance of MIIIE shall rest with the MIIIE Board, comprised of thirteen members. The director and treasurer will be appointed by the MIIIE Board. The Board members will consist of elected members serving as institutional representatives (i.e., college coordinators).
  2. No more than one member from a single institution can be nominated for the Board. The members of the Board will be elected from the slate of nominees at the annual meeting of MIIIE.
  3. The Board shall elect an associate director and a secretary, who, together with the appointed director and treasurer, shall comprise the Executive Committee.
  4. Each Board member with the exception of the director will have a single vote. The director shall vote only in cases of a tie vote.
  5. Board members other than the director and treasurer shall serve for a term of two years. No officer shall hold office longer than three consecutive terms, with the exception of the director and treasurer.
  6. The Board of MIIIE may organize committees to aid in the effective execution of the functions of the consortium.


  1. The director shall serve as the chairperson of the Board, preside at all meetings, appoint standing and ad hoc committees, and perform such other duties as are common to this position.
  2. In the absence of the director, a Board member shall serve as the chairperson of the Board and shall preside and perform the duties of the director.
  3. The treasurer shall keep a full financial record of the consortium's business transactions.
  4. The secretary shall be responsible for recording and keeping a complete set of minutes and other records of the consortium.
  5. When a vacancy shall occur in any office within a given term, the Board shall at the next meeting elect a person to fill the position.


  1. The Board shall meet at least two times a year.
  2. The membership (i.e., college coordinators) shall meet at least once a year.
  3. Elections will be held at the annual meeting.
  4. The election of the Board will require votes from a minimum of twenty colleges. Should fewer than twenty colleges be represented at the meeting, absentee ballots will be sent to those colleges not in attendance.
  5. Voting decisions shall be made by a simple majority, after a quorum is established.
  6. The Executive Committee and members of standing or ad hoc committees of MIIIE shall meet as often as needed to accomplish their objectives.


  1. All withdrawals shall require the signature of the director or the treasurer.
  2. The accounts of the consortium will be audited on an annual basis and the treasurer shall prepare and distribute an annual financial report to the membership.
  3. The consortium will only distribute assets (cash) for the purpose of reasonable compensation for services rendered and to make payments in furtherance of its purposes.
  4. Upon dissolution of its corporation, assets shall be distributed to Kalamazoo Valley Community College, a non-profit educational institution.
  5. However, if KVCC is not in a position to receive the distribution, assets of this corporation shall be distributed to the KVCC Foundation.


  1. Amendments to these by-laws may be approved provided that:
(a) written notice of the proposed changes shall have been circulated to the membership at least thirty (30) days prior to the annual meeting; and

(b) two-thirds of the membership in attendance to the annual meeting vote in support of the proposed changes.

** Adopted by unanimous vote during the general meeting of its members on April 12, 1996.

** As amended on April 3, 1998.

** As amended on April 7, 2000.

** As amended on April 19, 2002.

** As amended on April 11, 2014.